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Obesity Care 4.5


3 to 21 days


Various causes are assigned to the development of obesity. It is due to wrong diet and, generally, over eating and intake of liquids, particularly alcoholic beverages. A luxurious, inactive, or sedentary life is a well recognized predisposing factor. Intake of food beyond the quantities required to replace the energy lost, goes towards increasing the fat in the body. The obese are more liable to fall prey to many diseases, because of lower body resistance. According to Ayurveda, obesity is caused by the impairment of the ‘Agni’ (digestive fire) responsible for the breakup of the molecules of fat. Medication to strengthen the ‘Agni’, along with fat reducing therapies followed by restricted diet and exercise of the body, would definitely help in reducing body fat. 14 days obesity care includes, swedanam, udwarthanam, internal medication and dietetic regimen.

Ayurveda says the disturbed normalcy of the doshas could set off a chain reaction, troubling the other body elements such as dhathus and malas. There can be many reasons why the doshas are vitiated some may be natural, such as seasonal variations and some man-made, such as the abuse or misuse of functions of sense organs, wrong body and food habits and suppression of body urges. But once the process is set in motion, then the body begins to suffer.

Special treatments available for

My Trip To Kerala Rheumatoid arthritis
My Trip To Kerala Osteo arthritis
My Trip To Kerala Gout
My Trip To Kerala Low back ache
My Trip To Kerala Inter vertebral disc prolapse
My Trip To Kerala Cervical and lumbar spondylosis
My Trip To Kerala Paralytic stroke
My Trip To Kerala Facial palsy
My Trip To Kerala Allergic diseases
My Trip To Kerala Skin diseases

Health segment includes preventive programs like

My Trip To Kerala Stress management
My Trip To Kerala Obesity care
My Trip To Kerala Detoxification program
My Trip To Kerala Rasayana – the key to rejuvenation
My Trip To Kerala Anti rheumatic care
My Trip To Kerala Spinal care
My Trip To Kerala Skin & beauty care

And relaxation therapies like

My Trip To Kerala Synchronized massage
My Trip To Kerala Aroma energising massage
My Trip To Kerala Deep tissue massage
My Trip To Kerala Herbal body wrap
My Trip To Kerala Hair care
My Trip To Kerala Facial care

All these are performed with highly personalized care and attention of expert Physicians and professionally trained Paramedical staff.

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